Thursday, June 21, 2018

Toe Nail Hematoma Quantumin Plus Healing Testimonial

Nail Hematoma Amazing Testimonial

I was in my room when the phone downstairs started ringing. Nobody picked it up so I ran as fast as I can and then my toes hit the wall so hard. 

It hurt soo bad but I continued to answer the phone.

After that, I checked my toe because it was too painful and noticed my pinky toenail bleeding inside. 

After a few minutes, I noticed my pinky getting bruised on the side so I put Quantumin Plus all over the affected area. I cant even wear shoes that time. My pinky hurt so bad the whole day so I grabbed a small cotton and put Quantumin Plus and wrapped it around my pinky using band-aid. I wore it continously even during my sleep.

Quantumin Plus_MiraminQ
Quantumin Plus_MiraminQ

The next morning, I was surprised to feel that my pinky did not hurt anymore. The next few days the hematoma has dried and has continued to heal.

Thanks for saving my pinky Quantumin Plus! 

- Teresa
Caloocan, Philippines


The increase in electrical charge in the cells caused by Quantumin Plus  allow the healing process to be faster and at the same time regeneration will happen. The tissues will re-grow faster than expected. 

Just like patients with Gangrene or even to diabetic patients with foot ulcer or feet that are due for amputation. Quantumin Plus makes a way that they are healed and the breaks or holes will be repaired, regrown and the open wounds will be closed. 

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