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Quantumin Plus: Live a Lifetime of Health # 1 Online Seller of the highly recognized miracle mineral drops since 2011 is inviting a you to take part in a proven and life-changing healing:

How To Turn Your Sickness And Disease Into A Lifetime of Health, Wellness, and Freedom From Pain And Suffering

Are You Healthy and Well?

You can go from where you are now… to living a life of health, wellness, and freedom from pain and sickness.

Thousands of people have already done it. Here are a few:

Some of the patients healed by Quantumin Plus.

"For almost a year, Patient, Z. Mendoza, 62 years old from Lipa City had various medical treatments for her INFECTED WOUND but there was no sign of progress at all. In November 2012, she was introduced to Quantumin Plus which she religiously used as oral and topical supplement. After 7 days, the wound dried up rendering much relief. And in just 3 weeks, you can see the amazing results."

quantumin plus

And if you choose to join them today, you can too. How? Keep reading!

Are You Healthy and Well?

Do you feel energized every day?

Do you have enough strength to carry on your day to day tasks?

Are you pain-free, healthy and glowing?

Are you strong enough to live long and enjoy what you 

envisioned when you were young and excited about the future?

If you answered “no” to any of these — you’re not alone.

The world today has a way of “making us sick …” or making us unwell and imprisoned in our pain.

You try to eat good and nutritious food, but it doesn’t seem to get anywhere.

For many — the future is uncertain because of their disease even scary.

Health and well-being?

Gone are the days of eating right and living long enough to see your grandkids.

These days, we are plagued by sicknesses, even those working out in the gym or running a marathon die of heart attacks.  

As in any other things in life, sickness come when you least expect it.

They come when you don’t have money to finance for these diseases. Hospitals and doctors are charging us more and more.

In your sickness, you will meet fellow Filipinos who have decided that they have had enough of medicines/ drugs, insulin, dialysis, chemotheraphy, clinics and hospitals visits.  They are taking back control of their health, their well-being, and their future.

No doctors or hospitals can:

– Tell them to shell out a downpayment before they can be admitted in the hospital …

– Dictate them to buy a very expensive drug that are not even explained to them when prescribed

– Control the procedures to be done with their health like chemotheraphy, series of tests, dialysis that normally costs a fortune

In fact, thousands of people took a stand in the last few years already…

They took back control of their health… their family’s well-being … what to take into their body …like:

"I was diagnosed to have HPP known as Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis. Although I could speak, I couldn’t move all the other parts of my body.
Our problem was that since I was out of job at that time, we could not sustain the expenses of a lifetime medication. That was when Quantumin came into the picture. To make the story short, I started using Quantumin and felt its benefits in my body immediately. After using Quantumin, the tremors are gone, I no longer feel tired and weak and could climb the stairs without effort. Since I used Quantumin, I never had any hospitalization or attack of HPP." - Brando Escalana, Quezon City

"I turned fifty, I was told I had GERD probably caused by my Hiatal Hernia. I also became allergic to almost eveything I eat. I lost weight very fast. I became very weak. I was on antacids and anti-allergies but my condition got worse. I suffered pains like aching bones, nagging sore throat, canker sores, dizziness, bloating of head and stomach. Then Dra. Patawaran gave me detox procedures and introduced Quantumin Plus. I got healed! I am no longer taking antacids nor any anthihistamines. Thanks to Quantumin Plus. I am now back to work." - Rose Santos, Philippines

Now, instead of running towards the pharmacy, clinic or hospital 

every time you get sick, these people control their health on their

own terms.

You can do the same and define freedom as a good health and well being…

·                   hindi ka na umaasa sa gamot araw-araw …
·                   mas kampante ka na okay ang kalusugan mo at ng iyong pamilya…
·                   hindi ka nangangamba na sa isang buwan may mahohospital na naman
·                   maiipon mo ang iyong perang panghospital at panggamot para sa iyong pamilya
·                   where you can relax and know that you have a way to get healthy for a long time
·                   where you have a one-stop supplement to cure almost all of the known/ unknown sicknesses
·                   where you can trust that hospital visits will be lesser or none this time

In short, they have defined what health and well-being means to them.

You can do the same and start…

Time to listen to your body and search for inner strength and willingness to be free from pain and sickness

"Iinom ako ng madaming gamot at magpapacheck up lagi para masigurado kong healthy ako."

Is This Your Route To health?

Pinoys think that drinking lots of drugs is their way to health.

You cannot blame them.

We have been brain-washed for such a long time.

For them, it is a faster way than to eat well, getting enough rest and nutrition.  But you have to endure the side effects of these anti-biotics/drugs too and not only you – your spouse, parents, kids, and even your babies.

Here’s the biggest hurt on top of all these: medicines and drugs treat only the symptoms but not the root cause.

Gumaling ka man ngayon pero isang araw babalik pa rin ang sakit mo.

Plus: Hindi mo alam ang nilalagay nila sa gamot. Napanood mo lang ito sa TV o sa radyo

A lot of people have already suffered the effects of these drugs in our body. The life expectancy rate has become shorter and shorter. Many newborn babies are sick or with Down Syndrome. 

If our technology now creates drugs that can cure sicknesses, how come that the number of sick people and children are increasing daily?

It’s only a matter of time for other countries to follow the trend the Philippines has started.

Some smart Filipinos know this fact and are getting control of their health.

Some are even excited about making their families TRULY healthy.

Some can’t wait share this to their friends and loved ones. Read what happened to them:

Take Control of Your Health and Free Yourself from Pain:

Is This Your Dream?

This is Quantumin Plus.

We show sick and suffering people struggling with diseases, pains, self-doubt, lack of hope and resistance to receive healing, become pain free and stand more enthusiastically in their lives and know that there is hope despite the disease, pain and suffering.

As of today, many sick people are living transformed health and well-being.

They are free from pain and suffering and are now taking control of their health.



We share Quantumin Plus a proven miracle drop that gives you everything you need to become healthy and receive healing.

·                   A life where in a few days or less you will become independent from your current prescription

·                   A life where you are no longer taking hospital visits regularly

·                   A life where you’re THE DOCTOR of your own body

·                   A new life na kapag pagod ka ng magsuffer sa hypertension, acid reflux, diabetes, cancer, kidney stones, GERD, cyst, psoriasis, allergy,  you will have more time na hanapin yung gusto mo sa buhay.

·                   A life where you take care of your family, kasi gusto mo ibalik sa kanila ang dapat at hindi na ikaw yung inaalagaan

·                   A life without stress, masarap pag gising sa umaga dahil fresh and pakiramdam at wala ng sakit

·                   A life with more savings because your don’t spend a fortune on medicines, doctors’ fees at hospital visits.

This is life living on your own health and well-being terms and enjoying wellness in it’s truest sense.

You can go from where you are now… to living a life full of freedom, health and energy.

So if you’re ready for a change… If you’re ready to escape your current health situation and move into something better…

Then this is exactly for you.

Today, I invite you to try the Miracle Drops: Quantumin Plus.

Your Freedom from Sickness and Pain:
Quantumin Plus

The Miracle Drops: will help you get the healing you need in just a few days or even less.

It is a miracle supplement that:

  • Energizes and balances electrical potential at  the cellular level.
  • Detoxifies the different organs of various chemicals like pesticides, radioactive elements  and other pollutants.
  • Alkalinizer to neutralize body acids, stomach acids.
  • Chelates heavy metals like lead, mercury, cadium, etc.
  • Increases amount of oxygen in the blood.
  • Quantumin Plus Transports nutrients right into the cells.
  • Increases absorb ability of other nutrients and medicines.
  • Promotes mental clarity and sense of  well being.
  • Improves enzyme production and activity.
  • Quantumin Plus contains antibiotic effects without developing resistant strains even on prolonged use.
  • Neutralizes free radicals.
  • Normalizes the immune system function.
  • Quantumin Plus Helps fight common illnesses and chronic disease 

But Wait… There Really Is More! 

Quantumin Plus is more than just a supplement. 

A- ALKALINIZER, when put into water it becomes alkaline. Drinking Alkaline water protects us against the development of cancer , infections and other diseases.

H- HEAVY METAL CHELATOR, removes chemicals like lead, mercury that is in our body through urine, perspiration & stools.

E- ENERGIZER, we will experience the energy burst or pain relief in seconds.

- It promotes EASY ABSORPTION of nutrients

- promotes MENTAL focus

- promotes normal blood levels of CHOLESTEROL, TRIGLYCERIDE, SUGAR and URIC ACID and increasing OVER-ALL STRENGTH.

Physical, including erectile dysfunction problem

Mental, helps solve memory problems. It sharpens the mind.

Power-saving energy- helps reduce the electric bill

LPG tank- extends the gas from 2-3weeks

A- ANTI-OXIDANTaside from the anti-oxidant function of Vitamin C in the form of Sodium Ascorbate, FULVIC molecules protect thecell from damage and repair the injured cells.

D- DETOXIFIERZEOLITE crystals, a natural mineral found in rock deposits collects the heavy metals, free radicals, & even virusess.

FULVIC and HUMIC are natural molecules for the

- reversal,

- prevention of disease and

- maintenance of good health

Since birth we obtain plenty of toxins especially metals and chemicals into our body because of the food we eat, water we drink, air we breathe. Toxin is one of the causes of sickness/pains. Thus, we need to detoxify, place drops in a glass of water every time we drink or in a water dispenser container.

PROTECT, fulvic molecules protect the cell from damage. Toxins will immediately flush out through urine, perspiration and stool.

REPAIR, fulvic substance as an intelligent molecule repairs the injured cells.

Not In Manila/Philippines?
You Can Still Have Your Quantumin Plus

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Your Freedom from Pain and Sickness

Now is the time to create your health freedom plan.  

There’s no reason why you couldn’t do the same.

After all, thanks to Quantumin Plus: the miracle drop, it’s easier than ever before.

Before we started out the journey in helping people take control of their health, they did a lot of trial  and error, countless clinic and hospital visits and spent a lot of money in medical procedures, medicines and drugs. In fact, some have given up.

When Dra. Delia Maceda-Patawaran invented Quantumin Plus, people from all walks of life trickled in and saw the value — and the real help 

Quantumin Plus was able to give them.

Since then, a lot of people have benefited from this.

Today, we help thousands of people every day to plan and take control of their health.

Stand Proud (not sickly) When You Attend Your Next

Find Out How Below!

Picture this scenario:

You received a message from a cousin whom you haven’t heard of for a long time.  She shares that some of your relatives will be  going home (from some country abroad). You are having a FAMILY REUNION!

What’s your 1st reaction?

Parang hindi yata ako aattend!  Masama ang pakiramdam ko.

Nahihiya din ako kasi:

35 pa lang ako mukhang kaedad ko na ang aking mga Tita/ Tito…

Hindi ako mukhang mayaman kasi stressed out ang hitsura ko dahil sa sakit….

Wala akong pera naubos sa gamot…

Wala akong maicontribute sa reunion…

Saan kami kukuha ng pamasahe sa plane ubos sa hospital, dialysis o kaya sa chemo…

It’s Complicated!

So, which one is your story?

Have you given up on experiencing the freedom that you truly deserve?

Is there still hope for you?

Did you know that many of the people we’ve met are just like you and they are now enjoying the rewards of being healthy and well after their disease?


Yes, you have a very good chance to experience freedom, happiness and success that you will be the envy of your relatives .

Not In Manila/Philippines?
You Can Still Have Your Freedom from Sickness and Pain

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A Rich Man’s Best Advice

Jim Rohn, one of the smartest and most successful men of our time —was asked what he thinks about taking care of our health. His answer was quick and simple …

“Take care of your body. It is the only place you have to live.”

That could very well be the best advice Mr. Rohn has ever offered.

There has never been a better time to put your health squarely in your own hands — and take control of your wellness … now and right through your retirement years.

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