Wednesday, May 27, 2020

A story on how Quantumin Plus helped a person with a Positive Covid-19 test results

Mr. Josue Laguerta Cabotaje, 
45 years old
Rodriguez, Rizal 

Joshua works as a Forklift Operator and has long used Quantumin Plus through his sister in law, Maryfe Cabotaje. 

According to Joshua: "I've been taking Quantumin for a long time especially when I have a cough.”

On May 23,2020, Joshua presented himself to a Covid-19 Rapid Test as a requirement of their company to be able to return to work. 
The result of his Rapid Test came out as Positive (+) and the following day, May 24, he was immediately admitted to the New Era General Hospital in Diliman, Quezon City. 

quantumin plus covid-19
quantumin plus covid-19

“When I learned that I was positive of COVID-19, I added 20 drops of Quantumin in a glass of water every time I drink. 
Along with Joshua's admission to the hospital on May 24, he also took the swab test. 

The next day, May 25, although no official results were reported yet, he was told that he had passed the Swab test — the result is NEGATIVE for the Covid-19 virus! 

quantumin plus covid-19
quantumin plus covid-19

He was discharged immediately on the night of May 26. He didn't expect that in 2 days he would be home already! Joshua was so pleased with the results that he immediately bought another 60ml Quantumin Plus from his sister in law. 

“I thank the Lord first and of course Quantumin Plus for helping me get back to work right away. Hopefully, more people can try Quantumin to help more people like me.”

quantumin plus covid-19
quantumin plus covid-19

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