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 In May 2009, I started to have low back pains with tenderness at the left lower quadrant of the abdomen. The pain and discomfort worsened gradually so on July 29,2009 I had an abdomino-pelvic ultrasound done. It turned out I had an encapsulated cystic mass on the left cavity measuring 4.5 x 4.3 x3.9 cms. My husband, Edwin referred the result of ultrasound to Dr. Delia Maceda-Patawaran. She advised me to try taking 20 drops of Quantumin plus per glass of water at 10-12 glasses per day. She also instructed me to refrain from drinking cola and artificial juice drinks. She further told me to stop eating meat products, canned goods, oily foods and sweet foods. I persisted on increasing vegetable intake, fruits and fish diet in addition to strict adherence to Quantumin Plus dosage. Dr. Patawaran instructed me to closely observe my response to her advices and have repeat ultrasound after one month. Just in case the pain intensifies, she instructed us to seek immediate consultation for a possible surgery.
    I followed all her instructions and gradually my low back pain and abdominal tenderness diminished and by the end of the month all the symptoms I felt were totally gone. Because of heavy duty schedule in the hospital, I only had my repeat ultrasound last October and to the amazement of my sonologist, my ovarian cyst is no longer present! Thanks to Quantumin Plus for saving me from surgery and now I also feel that my health has improved a lot with the product and the diet change.


    Ovarian cysts are common and the vast majority are harmless. Because they cause symptoms that may be the same as ovarian tumors that may be cancerous, ovarian cysts should always be closely followed up. Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs that form inside or on the surface of the ovaries, which are the female reproductive organs that lie in the lower abdomen. Ovarian cysts appear and disappear regularly as part of the normal menstrual cycle but cysts can become a medical problem if they remain in the ovaries, enlarge, and cause pain like what Gina had. 
    The causes of nonfunctional ovarian cysts are not yet fully understood but more and more research are finding multiple factors in the development of cysts, including a woman's general state of health, weight, diet, personal history, and lifestyle. Since emotional stress and anxiety is also involved, a holistic approach to healing should include measures to balance and improve physical, emotional, and mental health. In alternative treatment, practitioners closely consider lifestyle and diet change to minimize toxins getting deposited in the woman’s body that may contribute to hormone imbalance and weaken the immune system. At the same time, patient is also advised to undergo some detox procedures like sauna, lymphatic massage and exercise to eliminate whatever toxins or hormone disruptors have contributed to the cyst formation. Quantumin plus has detoxifiers that can eliminate chemicals and heavy metals known to cause hormone disruption and weakening of the immune system. Not all cysts maybe eliminated with these approaches but if cyst or any tumors keep on recurring then trying detoxification and nutritionals  maybe the solution to the problems.

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