Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Adam D. Cabe
Business Man
Cauayan City, Isabela

     I have been hypertensive for so many year and then  it got worse about a year ago. I could not sleep or eat well and then had difficulty of breathing  that  I could only sleep while sitting on the adjustable rattan chair for a short period of time. I became very weak and both my legs and testicles became so  swollen. I consulted doctors who prescribed anti bacterial drugs and was confined in diffe-rent hospitals monthly because i was not getting well. There were even times that i have to use oxygen at home in  order that i could breathe. I became weaker and weaker to the point that I already wrote my last will and testament and informed my brother to  prepare for my burial. Last March 2009, a friend of ours sent the QUATUMIN Plus team to our residence. They discussed QUANTUMIN Plus and for the next three months I took QUANTUMIN at 25 drops per glass of water at 8 glasses / day. Glory to God.

    I was amazed! I  became stronger and was able to go to Manila to meet Dra. Delia Patawaran in her wellness clinic. I also went to the Philippine Heart Center where i was confined and examined. I underwent 2D ECHO with Doppler and afterwhich my doctor said  that I need a  heart bypass.  I told him I do not have Php 750,000.00 for the operation. He told me that i will never get well and  my condition will eventually worsen. We asked a second opinion  from Dra. Delia M. Patawaran. She advised that if we cannot afford the operation yet or while waiting for additional financial help then I need to continue using QUANTUMIN plus and other food supplements for the heart. I continued taking the 25 drops per glass that I am drinking. Now  I am getting stronger everyday, all the swelling and breathing difficulties are gone and now  I drive my car again. Thanks to QUANTUMIN Plus and Dra. Delia Patawaran, I am still alive!  

Medical Notes:
    Most of the time, high blood pressure can be controlled with medicine and lifestyle changes. However, there is now an increasing number of patients who even with continuous and religious medicine intake and lifestyle changes, their blood pressure is still uncontrolled. Mr. Cabe even had some of the complications of chronic hypertension which is congestive heart failure and blood vessel damage or arteriosclerosis that needed a heart bypass. Current research and convention in Chicago on Integrative Medicine recognized that some of the causes of high blood pressure is deposition of heavy metals and pollutants in the blood
vessel wall. One good example of heavy metal they intensively discussed is the lead that we get from inhalation of polluted air mostly from car exhaust or gasoline combustion. Actually, there’s a lot more of other pollutants that can deposit in our blood vessels like the pesticides from vegetables, toxic preservatives from unhealthy snack foods, chlorine from tap water intake, etc. These chemicals may inhibit the effects of antihypertensive drugs on the blood vessel wall  making us unresponsive to conventional medications. Only detoxifiers like the ones contained in Quantumin plus will eliminate these deposits and  eventually make hypertensives  more responsive to medical treatment. Surprisingly at times like in the case of Mr. Cabe, the blood vessel obstruction that made him a candidate for bypass was also corrected by effective detoxifiers contained in Quantumin plus!


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