Saturday, May 21, 2011

Quantumin Plus Testimonial on Diabetes

     My Mom, ANGELINA S. VELUZ, is 85 years old. She has been deaf and diabetic for so many years. We started putting Quantumin drops on every glass of water she drinks last October 2008. Before that my other had blood sugar level of about 400. She has 2 10ml injections of insulin daily, before breakfast and before dinner. One month after that, my mom's blood sugar started going down to 350 to 380mg/dl. I decided to resume her insulin injection together with Quantumin plus. Since then my mom's blood sugar is stable between 85-130mg/dl.

     Something good did happen also with her deafness. For so many years I had to speak aloud near her ears before she could understand me. Just after 2 days of applying three drops into her ears, I noticed that she can hear me and answer my questions even if I was saying thing about 2 feet away from her. After another 2 weeks of continuing the drops on her ears, she could hear me from a distance of 1 1/2 meters! Later on, while I was whispering to her caregiver my instructions, she said " Be careful with your words because I can now hear you!" That was really amazing and all of us got so excited with her improvement!

Something great also happened with her eyes. She used to read and pray the Novena daily but when her blurred vision worsened that stopped her daily ritual. However after dropping one drop of Quantumin plus in her eyes, she started reading the Novena again after 2 weeks.

She is also a diagnosed case of Alzheimer's Disease that she does not recognize me and my siblings and at times would exclaim to my sister who goes to bed with her, "Who are you? Why are you in my bedroom?". During those moments we are saddened that my mom is suffering from such memory loss. However, Quantumin also helped her with her dementia because everytime she gets agitated or irritated due to her dementia, my sister would put 2 drops on top of her head and instantly she would calm down. Before she goes to bed at night, they place two drops again on top of her head and she sleeps soundly after that. After two months of putting 5 drops of Quantumin in every glass of any liquid, her memory improved so much that she can remember all our names automatically even without coaching her! That was one happy moment in our lives!

She used to have also a lot of pains all over her body but when Quantumin is applied to her knees headaches, toothaches, back muscles, she feels instant relief without taking any pain relievers.

Today, my mom is very healthy. She used to go to her internist/endocrinologist every month but today with all the energy and progress sha has, her periodic check-up has been reduced to every 3months. Thanks to Quantumin! We now know that even if we reach our senior years, we'll surely have a better quality of life with Quantumin by our side.

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