Monday, May 16, 2011

Quantumin Plus Testimonials

Spine Injury
Seaman-Digos Davao Del Sur
Contact No: 0908 5057317

            In August 2007, an accident happened that hit my lower spine and with my ship captain immediately sent me back to the Philippines with instructions to proceed to the hospital. After diagnostic work up, the doctor told me I had L5 to S1 disc prolapse and this contributed to the severe pain and difficulty I had in standing up and walking. Surgery was advised but I did not consent to it because the chance of recovery was slim. For two months, I was placed on physical therapy and steroid injection but there was no improvement. I could not stand up from lying all by myself and I can only walk with assistance but the pain was too excruciating at the back. I was almost hopeless and feared that I could not walk normally again.

          In December 2007, a friend introduced Quantumin plus. I took 20 drops in my first glass of water and subsequently seven drops per glass 8 to 10 times a day. On the same day, my friend applied Quantumin plus on my head, whole spine and lower extremities. In less than thirty minutews, the pain was all gone and since then I started walking normally again.

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