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On July 2007, my 3-month old nephew Dylan was diagnosed to have Rhabdomyosarcoma on his foot by biopsy. We approached several doctors who recommended amputation as the only treatment modality. A breast cancer patient referred us to Dr. Delia Maceda Patawaran for integrative  modality in cancer treatment. On September 2007, Dr. Patawaran examined my nephew and found that the mass was approximately as big as the baby’s head and there was no visible skin, toes, nails, ankle as if the whole foot was eaten up by the cancer. She also told us that if the cancer will be successfully removed by alternative approach, it would be impossible to regain back the foot that was apparently eaten up by the cancer. She further explained to us the causes of cancer and advised to try comprehensive cancer treatment which included nutritional immune boosting and detoxification with close monitoring of the patient’s progress.
 In October 2007, the tumor became smaller in size and the ankle was already visible. By November, the whole surface of the foot has regenerated and the tumor slightly diminished in size but still bigger than the foot.   
 By December 3, Quantumin plus was included in his comprehensive cancer treatment. We applied it four times a day on the tumor and oral intake at three to five drops per milk bottle was advised.

On December 29, we were so amazed that the tumor shrank  at a rapid rate and became even smaller than the foot. We continued with the comprehensive cancer treatment until the mass sloughed off and after nine months of treatment, Dylan had a chance to wear footwear again because the mass was totally gone leaving only the scar from biopsy.

The miracle healing  happened in my nephew because miracles happen when people believe it will happen.  The prayers and our faith in God sent us the instrument of healing that my nephew needed badly. Quantumin  is one of those miracle healing instruments that God sent to us. We thank Dra. Patawaran because  she was also an instrument in strengthening our faith and our belief that  all these trials that come our way is just a test of how strong our faith is in our Creator.


Rhabdomyosarcoma is a fast-growing, cancerous tumor that originates in the soft tissues of the body, particularly in the skeletal muscles that attach to bone and help the body to move. The most common sites for this tumor to be found include the head, neck, bladder, vagina, arms, legs, and trunk. Rhabdomyosarcoma is the most common soft tissue sarcoma in childhood. In the United States, about 250 children are diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma each year. This disease affects children between the ages of 2 to 20 years of age, but can occur at any age. For unknown reasons, males are affected slightly more often than females.

It is believed that some rhabdomyosarcoma tumors begin developing in the fetus. Rhabdomyoblasts are the cells at the initial stages of development of an unborn baby and these will later on mature and develop into muscles. Research has shown possible detection of a gene error that can produce the disease later in development. By this time it is a well-known fact that our  body is endowed with an amazing healing capability and various mechanisms for repair if given the right nutrients needed for repair. But in the case of an unborn child, who's expected healing capacity is even stronger than adults, how come the gene error in the muscle cells are not corrected promptly before they grow into a full grown cancer mass? The answer now lies in the basic principles  of alternative or integrative medicine or nutritional/environmental medicine--- toxin accumulation or nutritional deficiency or both contributes to almost every human disease condition.

You may now ask , what toxins do you expect to accumulate in a child as young as Dylan who is only three months old on diagnosis? Dylan’s mother worked for two years in a factory for computer chips before she got pregnant with Dylan. Working in a computer chips factory is not a joke considering the load of heavy metals one is exposed to the whole day! This same heavy metal exposure is the reason why we have a lot of women  working in these factories developing huge tumors like myoma, ovarian cysts, goiter, multiple breast cysts, etc. The human body has difficulty detoxifying heavy metals by itself especially so when the body is already loaded with other toxins and  the normal physiologic detox mechanisms are not optimally working. The body needs an outside help a detoxifier effective enough to remove even the heavy metals. Dylan’s mom never had any detox procedures before she got pregnant so whatever toxins or chemicals are in her blood stream or body,  half of that was transferred to Dylan even while he was still inside mom’s womb. This is a fact that doctors should rethink about. Whatever chemicals get into the mother’s system either during pregnancy or even before pregnancy, from unhealthy diet ( sodas, arsenic from sweets, MSG,aspartame from “low sugar” foods, etc.), unhealthy lifestyle ( smoking, late night or early morning sleep, poor quality sleep), and environment exposures (from radioactive elements, electromagnetic waves from cellphones, parabenzenes from cosmetics, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) from many  soaps, shampoos, detergents, and toothpastes,  and other products that we expect to "foam up", paradichlorobenzenes from household deodorizers, etc.), it diffuses or is passed on to the child’s circulation until the amount of chemicals is almost equal in both the mother’s and child’s compartments as part of equilibration mechanisms. At birth, Dylan already had a small nodule on his foot  from where the tumor started. So Dylan who never had any physical exposure to toxins developed the cancer growth due to the toxins he acquired from the mother transplacentally.

Rhabdomyosarcoma is usually treated by surgery,chemotherapy and radiation. Parents were informed about the uncertainty of outcome with alternative modality but they pushed with it and  placed all their faith in their Creator .

As with any cancer, prognosis and long-term survival can vary greatly from child to child. Prompt medical attention and aggressive therapy are important for the best prognosis in conventional medicine. The detox procedures and nutritional Dylan received to eliminate the cancer tumor is another avenue of cancer treatment that deserves  a re-analysis of how cancer should be treated. Of course, continuous follow-up care is essential if your child is diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma after using treatment modality. It’s been two years now and we believe that the approach we did to Dylan is worth saving his foot and the child and  family from traumatic amputation.

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