Saturday, September 3, 2011

Quantumin Plus Miracle Medicine | Member’s Income

                         I. What are the types of income?

A.     Direct Referral or Outright Commission – Commission for recruiting downlines

See amounts below:

B.      Unilevel Referral Commission – You earn this every time you or your downlines sell Unilevel Packages. You can earn up to your 15th Level. Depending on your membership position.

See below:

Yellow Position: 1 or 2 downlines
Green Position: 3 or 4 downlines
Violet Position: 4 or more downlines

 C.      Binary Income – You earn this when your left and right have matching binary entries amounting to 800 points in your right and 800 points in your left

D.      Monthly Compensation Income – This includes the following:

a.       Personal Rebates – when purchasing, ensure to use your ID number to get this income.

b.       Repeat Sales Income – you earn this through rebates from maintenance of your downlines up to the 15th level

Please check here for Point Value of Quantumin Plus Products:


Please take note that you will not get Repeat Sales Income if you do not maintain 600 points or 3 35ml bottles or its equivalent. You should maintain 600 points per month.


To get performance bonus, your 5 direct referrals should maintain 600 points as well.

        I.          II. When are the income paid?

A.      Direct Referral or Outright Commission – You will get this income upon membership of recruit. When paying for the membership, deduct your commission. If your recruit goes directly to Quantumin office, make sure to ask them to get the OR Number so you can claim your commission in QDynamics Head Office.

B.      Unilevel Referral Commission  -

1oth day of the month – this income is from Unilevel entries from 16th to 31st day of the month

25th day of the month – this income is from Unilevel entries from 1st to 15th day of the month

C.      Binary Income – You earn this every Friday for pairing of Binary entries
D.      Monthly Compensation Income – every 15th day of the month

      II.            Rules

A.       All our members are provided with their activation account as well as their password upon membership. You are responsible in keeping your passwords. We can always give you your User ID in case you forget it.

B.       All the income mentioned above can be checked in your account in except for Direct Referral or Outright Commission.

C.      You have the following options to get your income:

a.       Directly from QDynamics Head office 

b.      Update your online account with your BPI account (as of 8/25/11 only monthly compensation is deposited)

c.       You can inform us that you would like us to get you income from QDynamics Head Office.  

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