Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Eye Stye Home Remedy

I had eye stye thrice in one year period. I don’t know if it was caused by stress or caused by dusts as I do a lot of traveling. Anyway, what I had lead me to research about Eye Stye or Pink Eye in North America or "Kuliti" in Filipino. Eye stye is a skin disorder. It is a condition which leads to the development of a red bump inside or under the eyelid. This soft red bump can be situated at the base of an eyelash. The main cause of this condition is the clogging of oil glands. This is the most common cause of this skin disorder. 

All three eye styes that I had are not painful but they obstruct my eyesight and they made me look weird. I did consult a doctor and used eye creams and antibiotics but I had them again not only once but twice. This made me find alternative solutions or eye stye home remedy tips.

Eye Stye Home Remedy Tips

Eye stye will eventually heal. Sooner or later, it will rip open and give you a relief from painful symptoms. However, you must take hygiene a priority. You can also apply the following eye stye home remedy tips:
  1. Hot compress for at least ten minutes. I did this three to four times a day. This has eased the pain. This can also help rupture the eye stye. 
  2. Use warm tea bags. Dip a tea bag in a cup of warm water and place it on top of the stye. This will help reduce the size of the stye.
  3. Use Aloe Leaf. Cut the whole aloe leaf into two and place it on top of the affected area.
As I have mentioned before I had eye styes thrice. I followed the doctors medication and all eye stye home remedy tips that I read in the internet but when I had my last eye stye a friend of mine told me to use Quantumin Drops.

The Best Eye Stye Home Remedy Tip = Quantumin Plus

After waking up in the morning, wash your face including your eyes with water and Quantumin Plus Reine Soap. Put three to five drops of Quantumin Plus in a small basin and use it to rinse the soap from your face. Prioritize washing your eyes. After that, wipe your face dry and apply Quantumin Drops directly to the affected area  - your eye stye. It can cause a bit of discomfort but just relax, it won’t hurt your eyes. Do not rinse off Quantumin Plus. Do this again before going to bed.

After I used Quantumin drops for two days my stye was healed. Quantumin Plus is the Best Eye Stye Home Remedy for me.

-CR, Philippines 


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