Saturday, August 13, 2011

Quantumin Plus BPI Account Activation Guidelines

BPI Activation Guidelines
For Rose Chiong’s Groups:

1.       Please read memorandum below. We receive this file from the Head Office in this format. You need to save this in your local folders to enlarge the fonts.

 2.       Please secure your accounts in We suggest that you change the passwords we have given you. But, do not forget your passwords because you need to check your income regularly.

3.       If you have BPI account under your name, kindly update your payment set up in You can open a BPI account for only P250.00.

4.       If you wish to use other person’s account, please secure an authorization letter and a copy of your ID and forward to the head office. We do not suggest that you do this especially if the account holder is not one of you immediate family members.

5.       You can also send the authorization letter and a copy of your ID to us ( , we will be forwarding it to the head office but it is your responsibility to update payment set up to enter your BPI account online

6.       Monthly compensation for August 15 will be uploaded in  on Monday. Only those who already updated their BPI accounts before August 12, 2011 have been credited with their income

7.       You can get your income by going directly to the head office. It is advisable that you give them a list of your account numbers and the list of income and the respective dates.

8.        If you wish our stockist, Rose Chiong to get your income for you, please inform us by texting or sending us an email with the list of you income. You need to go to the following to check your previous income:

                Monthly Compensation

9.       Your list should include the following:

Type of Income you are claiming
Dates you earned it

Please be very detailed in listing this down.

You can get this information in your online account. We will only claim based on what you have provided us because if you have changed your passwords, there is no way for us to know your income.

10.   We can deposit your income for you so please send us your account name and account number. Or we can deduct your income in your next orders as long as your income has already been forwarded to us.

Thank you.

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