Saturday, August 27, 2011

Quantumin Plus Testimonials: Brain Tumor

Cristine Gonzales (Brain Tumor)

     In 2008, I experienced repeated  headaches which became severe accompanied by nausea and vomiting, blurring of vision, protruding eyeballs, with diplopia ( double vision ), clumsiness and awkward gait. This prompted consultation on September 30, 2008. CT scan  done on October 01,2008 revealed presence of brain tumor. On October 2, I  was admitted to Cotabato City Hospital and was recommended to proceed to Davao City to undergo surgical removal of the tumor. However because of financial difficulties, I was instead brought to my aunt in Awang Maguindanao where a Quantumin seller introduced the product. I started taking the detox dose of three drops every glass of liquid I drink together with all the prescribed medicines from my physician. After a few days, the condition worsened with decreased sensorium (state of consciousness), disorientation (loss of one's sense of direction, position, or relationship with one's surroundings) , childlike behavior and seizures started to manifest. On October 23, I was readmitted in the hospital but no improvement was appreciated and I was  told that I had only six months to live.

     On October 27, I was discharged againt medical advice and my mother, after seeing how her friends and neighbors improved with Quantumin plus, decided to stop all prescribed medicines and I was given only Quantumin plus. With that I started gaining back my mental and motor function gradually until January 2009. For the next four months, I consumed 4 bottles of Quantumin plus and after consuming all of them I stopped it because I was getting better and better or so I thought. In April 16, 2009 I returned to work as cashier in a mall. However, by  June 2009 I started experiencing again blurring of vision, severe headaches with nausea and vomiting. I knew my tumor was growing so on July 12,2009 I left my job and decided to start taking Quantumin Plus again at the recommended dose for tumors  20 drops per glass of water at 10 glasses a day. Amazingly all the signs and symptoms gradually disappeared and my  vision returned back to normal. Since then I have not experienced any symptoms of brain tumor.

     I thank Quantumin plus for all the help it has given me. I wanted so much to have a repeat CT scan to show the world what Quantumin Plus did to my tumor but  my salary now as nanny is not enough to support the repeat exam. I hope more and more people will know about this product especially those who are financially drained from repeated hospitalizations and without enough resources to have the much needed surgery like me. I really do not know if what I am doing is acceptable but this is the only option available to me. The more important thing for me right now is this....I am alive with a good quality of life inspite of my brain tumor. More power to Quantumin Plus and the company!

Christine Gonzales,
26 y/o
Nanny from  Maguindanao  
Contact number:09232341024


     The brain tumor is an abnormal growth of cells within the brain, which can be cancerous or non-cancerous (benign). In the United States alone, in the year 2005, it was estimated there were 43,800 new cases of brain tumors  according to the Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States.

     Symptoms of brain tumors  depend on two factors: tumor size (volume) and tumor location. The worsening of the symptoms is usually the trigger for seeking medical   attention in brain tumor cases. Our patient aside from manifesting the typical signs and symptoms of brain tumor also had a CT scan that confirmed the presence of it. Up to this time, we really do not know what type of tumor is in her brain but for somebody  who does not have enough financial resources for the surgery, the type of tumor does not matter anymore. What matters to her now is that she is, as she said,  alive with a good quality of life and free from all the signs and symptoms of brain tumor.

     On our part, we’ve enrolled her among our Foundation patients with Quantumin support and all dietary advices to prevent tumor from recurring or growing. As to how long this borrowed life or second chance will be is up to our Creator but it feels great that thru Quantumin Plus we have alleviated the  physical and psychological distress Christine went thru  because of her brain tumor. Not all brain tumor patients may respond like that of Christine and  we still stand firm that a medical evaluation is need or in some cases a surgical intervention is warranted. In post-surgical patients, Quantumin may help hasten the recovery. In addition, we advocate  dietary and lifestyle changes coupled with detoxification that may prevent the tumor from recurring.           


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