Thursday, March 10, 2016

Quantumin Plus: Stockist Account + Free Shipping + Freebies that You Can Use to Start a Home-based Business

Special Promo!!! 

Get A Stockist Account for only P130,000 Products + Freebies worth P926,064

Note: Freebies are FREE. This will not be deducted to the Stockist Registration Fee if you don't want to avail of the freebies.

Package A

Package B

 For Package A: 203 Bottles 35ml (80 bottles are rebatable) 92,850 Value

For Package B: 80 bottles 35ml Rebatable P76,000 Value

 For Package B: non-rebatable Qdynamics products: 30 btls 60ml, 10 btls 15 ml, 3 boxes Choco, 5 boxes Qreen Nutricaps, 3 pcs whitening soap, 3 pcs Guava soap, 3 pcs toner, 3 pcs lotion, 3 pcs day cream P58,995 Value

✓ Rebates, Referral Bonus and Matching Income for the 7 Premium Accounts P14780 Value

 Business Kit - 7 pcs Complete with Calling Cards, 7 pcs Premium ID, Pricelist, Reg. Forms, Brochures, Order Forms, etc.

14 Pcs. Sunlife Insurance worth P50K each P700,000 Value

1 pc. Tarpaulin P300 Value

1 Demo Kit - 1pH Chart, 1 pH Solution, 2 btls 60ml Sampler P3000 Value

 Loadcentral Retailer Account with P300 load

.70% - 15% discount on Loadcentral Products

 Free shipping fee P2500 Value

7 Pcs. Qdynamics Wellness GC P7000 Value

 Human Heart Nature Dealership with Full Business Development Pack - 26 best selling products, 15 magalogues & 20 advocacy fliers P1999 Value

 25% discount on Human Heart Nature Products

 #1 New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best Seller 'Secrets of the Millionaire Mind' Book by T. Harv Eker P335 Value

✓ One 50% discount voucher to Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar this coming Aug. 5-7 in SMX P3000 Value 

 Loadcentral Retailer Account with free P300 load 

Get .70% to 15% discount on Loadcentral Products if

 you use your account 

Access to Business Tracking Center 

Transferrable Income to designated beneficiary 

Publishing of your name as our stockist in 

Publishing of your name as our stockist in our 

Facebook Page


Human Heart Nature 

Be a Social Entrepreneur. Support Human Heart Nature. Pro-Philippines. Pro-Poor. Pro-Environment.

Quantumin Plus

Quantumin Plus

Free Load Central Account

Use Any Sim to Load Different E-load Products. Your family does not need to go to the store to get their mobile, internet, cable, gaming, reviewer loads. Get 0.70-15% discount when you use your account.

Please see list of products here

Start Your Homebased Businesses. Buy 1, Get 2 businesses for free.

You get to sell Quantumin Plus Products, Organic Beauty and Wellness Products of Human Heart Nature and Eload too.

Learn the Secret Psychology of Wealth

Millionaire Mind Intensive Happening on August 5-7. This is the second time that this seminar is held in our country. I have attended the first seminar and it was all WORTH IT. 1000x better than any other seminars I've attended. Learn More Here:

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