Sunday, August 19, 2018

Shipping Guidelines and Reminders

Please read the notes carefully and understand our shipping terms and conditions. We have been shipping orders internationally since 2011 and we take care of each and every package we send. We take seriously any shipping issue. In fact, there were several years that we stopped entertaining orders for some continents because of shipping issues. 

quantumin plus miraminq
quantumin plus miraminq

This is for both our protection, the seller and to you our valued partner/ customer.

1. We shall not be liable in damages, loss or buyer have the right to terminate purchase for any delay or default in performing delivery/sale if such delay, loss or default is caused by conditions beyond seller's control including, but not limited to Acts of God, Government restrictions (including the denial or cancellation of any export or other necessary license), wars, insurrections and/or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the seller wherein performance is affected.

2. All orders processed and shipped will be for Heart and Jennifer Rodriguez's group unless you have informed us beforehand that you are an existing Qdynamics member and we fully agree to process your order. We will not be wasting our efforts to grow the network of other group. We have our own group to help too so we do not process orders from other leaders.

3. Buyer will not decide on how many kilograms we can accept for shipping. We will use our judgment and experience ALWAYS. There will be instances that we will not ship more than 3 kilos in a country where shipping risk is high. If you insist, you take all the risk.

4. Declared value of bottles is as follows:

60ml USD1.50
35ml USD 1.00
15ml USD 0.75

We can use actual prices YOUR UPON REQUEST. If there is no request, we will proceed in using the declared value listed above.

5. Using the mentioned declared value, will mean that when items get lost/ damaged  under circumstance not due to seller or you (the buyer), you can only claim from courier the declared value of the items lost.

6. When using ACTUAL PRICES of the items:
- We will need to get insurance which is around 10% of the shipping cost
- You will shoulder the amount of the insurance, duties and taxes related to your order whether using actual or declared prices.

7. Do not receive and sign  package if the following is observed:

- Incorrect Weight
- Lacking items 
-  Incorrect Invoice details 
- Damaged box

8. Check items first in courier office or in your doorstep in front of courier's Staff before accepting the items.

Take pictures if there are items missing or if the box is damaged.

9. Call Courier's hotline or supervisor in the vicinity immediately to report an issue. 

Inform us immediately also so we can contact the courier in Philippines office.


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