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Quantumin Plus International Orders

Since 2011, we are still actively shipping Quantumin Plus all over the world from USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia, etc. We deliver fast and we know what to do to get the products to your doorstep.

quantumin plus miraminq    quantumin plus miraminq

Quantumin Plus healed my son with celebral palsy and epilepsy

My son John Philip was diagnosed to have Cerebral Palsy with Epileptic Seizures. 

At age 2, after an epileptic attack, his left side weakened and lost sensation . I brought my child to a medical center for physical therapy but there was no improvement after several months. 

John Philip had no appetite, very minimal physical movement and did not show any emotions like crying, smiling or laughing even if you tickle him. 

A neighbor introduced Quantumin Plus and my son had amazing improvement in just few weeks! 

Today. he can now move his body from lying position to sitting position and he can crawl on his own. He can now move and raise his left arm and hold toys. He can now cry, smile, laugh when you play with him. He can now watch TV, speak some words and his appetite has improved remarkably contributing to his growth and weight gain. 

Quantumin Plus Celebral Palsy Healing
Quantumin Plus Celebral Palsy Healing

Thank you very much to Quantumin Plus that my child’s health has improved tremendously. 

- Imelda Albay

Foot cancer healed

My 3-month old nephew Dylan was diagnosed to have Rhabdomyosarcoma on his foot by biopsy. We approached several doctors who recommended amputation as the only treatment modality. 

A breast cancer patient referred us to integrative modality in cancer treatment. The doctor and found that the mass was approximately as big as the baby’s head and there were no visible skin, toes, nails, ankle as if the whole foot was eaten up by the cancer. 

She also told us that if the cancer will be successfully removed by alternative approach, it would be impossible to regain back the foot that was apparently eaten up by the cancer. She further explained to us the causes of cancer and advised to try comprehensive cancer treatment which included nutritional immune boosting and detoxification with close monitoring of the patient’s progress.

The tumor became smaller in size and the ankle was already visible after three months. On the fourth month, the whole surface of the foot has regenerated and the tumor slightly diminished in size but still bigger than the foot.   

On the fifth month, Quantumin Plus was included in his comprehensive cancer treatment. We applied it four times a day on the tumor and oral intake at three to five drops per milk bottle was advised. 

We were so amazed that the tumor shrank  at a rapid rate and became even smaller than the foot. We continued with the comprehensive cancer treatment until the mass sloughed off and after nine months of treatment, Dylan had a chance to wear footwear again because the mass was totally gone leaving only the scar from biopsy.

Quantumin Plus Foot Cancer Healing
Quantumin Plus Foot Cancer Healing

-Myra Bawar 

After 15 minutes, Tatay Pohler who was suffering from Parkinson's disease stood up and walked on the street

Tatay Pohler a 79 years old, suffered from Parkinson’s disease. The old man cannot walk on his own for almost 5 years. 

He cannot stand with his own body and his hands are shaking, also he cannot eat and fix himself on his own. He needs assistance from his wife all the time. Unfortunately, the wife left him.

We gave Tatay Pohler a Quantumin Plus therapy and let him drink at least 20 drops of Quantumin Plus in a glass of water for every 2 minutes and then we rubbed and massaged his body with Quantumin Plus. 

Amazingly, after 15 minutes, Tatay Pohler suddenly managed to stand by himself and walk on the street!!! 

He was smiling and was saying that he could marry once again.

Quantumin Plus Parkinson's Disease Healing Miraminq
Quantumin Plus Parkinson's Disease Healing

Healing from a deadly skin disease

Epifania Malakaya has been bedridden for 3 months already due to Steven-Johnson Syndrome which is a potentially deadly skin disease that usually results from a drug reaction. 

She was initially given Quantumin Plus with water which she drank using a straw. 

Quantumin  was then applied from head to toe. She was instructed to take QMP with water 8-10 times a day and topical application for at least 2 times a day. 

After about 2 weeks, despite irregular Quantumin use due to financial constraints, there was an impressive improvement on Epifania’s condition.

Quantumin Plus Steven Johnson Syndrome Healing
Quantumin Plus Steven Johnson Syndrome Healing 

Infected Wound Healing

For almost a year, patient Zenaida Mendoza had various medical treatments for her INFECTED WOUND but there was NO SIGN of progress at all. 

In November,2012, she was introduced to QUANTUMIN PLUS which she religiously used as ORAL and TOPICAL SUPPLEMENT. 

After 7 days, the wound dried up rendering much relief and in just 2 WEEKS, you can see the amazing result!!!

Quantumin Plus Infected Wound Healing
Quantumin Plus Infected Wound Healing

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quantumin plus miraminq    quantumin plus miraminq

Blood Sugar Normalized from 
6.0 to 4.2

Upon retiring from my company, my doctor said that based on my executive check up, I have to take care of my blood sugar because it already reached to 5.9 (borderline).

After two years, I underwent check up at Capitol Medical Center, the doctors said ‘Welcome to the Diabetics club!’ My blood sugar surpassed to over 6.0 borderline which is a count registered at 10. I was then prescribed with a maintenance drug called Metformin once a day in the morning but it was not enough so I was told to take Metformin (500mg) 3 times a day. 

After three years, I was introduced to Quantumin Plus. I started taking the mineral drops at 10 drops regularly. 

I had a check up after six (6) months and there I learned that my blood sugar became normal at 4.2.

Quantumin Plus Diabetes Healing Miraminq
Quantumin Plus Diabetes Healing

-Mateo Ocenar

She woke up from comatose

Ofel de Mesa, 6 years old became comatose due to meningitis. She was confined for three days in a nearby hospital where she stayed for another three days. 

Her condition did not improve. Due to financial constraints, the parents decided to take her home, against medical advice. 

Ofel stayed at home without medications and is unable to eat. Her parents and neighbors watch her deteriorate. 

Two days after, a banana vendor donated Quantumin Plus to the parents. 

As Quantumin Plus was applied to Ofel’s eyes she started to react by blinking forcefully. She also swallowed the Quantumin Plus that was applied under her tongue. 

A few hours after applying Quantumin Plus all over her head and body, Ofel opened here eyes and asked for water. From then on, her condition improved. She is now back to school.

Quantumin Plus Meningitis Healing
Quantumin Plus Meningitis Healing

Head Trauma

Eufrosinia Macasaquit had a head trauma when her head hit a rock as she slipped while walking alone. 

She became unconscious after the fall. It took three hours before she was brought to a nearby hospital then was immediately transferred to a bigger hospital. 

Her condition, according to the doctors were hopeless so the family brought her home. 

The following day, a friend came to visit and applied Quantumin Plus all over her head and body, under her tongue and in her eyes. In a few minutes she started to react by opening her eyes and lifting her arms. 

Realizing that there is still hope, the family decided to bring her to a hospital in Manila for surgery. 

On her way to the hospital, relatives continued applying Quantumin to the patient. Although the doctors did not give any assurance of recovery after the surgery, they were all surprised to see how fast the patient recuperated.

Head Trauma- Comatose Quantumin Plus Healing Miraminq
Head Trauma- Comatose Quantumin Plus Healing

Gouts and joints got deformed due to rheumatoid arthritis

It was in 2005 when I first felt stiffness in my hands and numbness in my fingers. I was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for years and my Rheumatologist at the Arthritis clinic said that there is no cure for it and I will just have to take pain relievers. 

This started here. My shoulders are frozen. My joints got deformed and bent. My hands were deformed also. 

My hands that are bent. I can’t even open it. I was given Quantumin Plus and applied it there. At first I said, it is just an ointment, a menthol, what miracle would Quantumin Plus do? And then, my hands slowly stretched out and up to now, I can stretch it out. These are my hands now. I can move them now. I can already use cellphones normally, I can use the internet too! And here it is. 

I can stretch my hands and I can do thumbs up now. I can straighten my arms and this one has slowly stretched out as well. The deformity has lessened.

Just imagine, for five days I haven’t used up the Quantumin Plus given to me and I am healed. I am able to move. I can move freely. I can do gardening now. My knees have healed as well. I can move it like this. Even if you stretch it, you can already move it.  

I encourage everyone to take Quantumin Plus. 

-Villa Montenegro

Healing of Pancreatic Cancer and Psoriasis

I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. I was given 6 months to live. 

I took a lot medications like herbal and alternative medicines. I was too thin and look so dry. I had gouts and arthritis and I cannot walk. That was the time that I was introduced to Quantumin Plus. 

They applied the drops to my body, head while I was watching the testimonials video. I was amazed. I can hardly move my hand. I cannot even make a single step using my left foot. 

When I watched the video, I did not believe it but when it happened to me after 20 minutes of applying it on my head and painful parts of my body. They bathed me with the drops. After a few minutes, I was able to straighten my left hand and stand up using my right foot.

After that, I took one bottle of Quantumin Plus and applied it onto my skin. I had a skin condition called Psoriasis for 20 years all over my body. After 3-4 days of using the drops, my Psoriasis was gone!

The most amazing thing that happened also was when I went to my doctor for my regular check up, he told me “Sir Telmo, Congratulations!” I was surprised. He told me that, “You have the organs of a young adult.”

Quantumin Plus Healing Pancreatic Cancer and Psoriasis Miraminq
Quantumin Plus Healing Pancreatic Cancer and Psoriasis

-Ruben Telmo

Healing from Hypokalemic 
Periodic Paralysis and Hyperthyroidism

I was diagnosed to have HPP known as Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis. It is a rare condition where potassium levels in my blood drop to very low levels that manifest as paralysis from the neck down. 

Although I could speak, I couldn’t move all the other parts of my body. During those times, I was confined in the hospital 2 or 3 times a year. Later on, I was also diagnosed to have hyperthyroidism which was actually the cause why the potassium levels in my blood drop every so often. 

I was told that such kind of disease would require that I undergo either surgery or radiation therapy. However, my wife and I decided not to undergo either as we trusted that God would heal me. True enough He did, I was healed, miraculously. But I was also told that I still have to take some medicine to avoid its recurrence. It would take a lifetime of medication, I was told.

Our problem was that since I was out of job at that time, we could not sustain the expenses of a lifetime medication.  That was when Quantumin came into the picture. 

One time, I was researching about possible alternative medications for my medication and discovered Quantum Minerals Plus. I researched further about its components like fulvic substance, humic acid and essential minerals like potassium and calcium, and found out the benefits of such components. To make the story short, I started using Quantumin and felt its benefits in my body immediately. 

I used to get  easily tired especially when I climb the stairs, I used to have tremors in my body, and generally felt weak but Quantumin changed  all that. 

After using Quantumin, the tremors are gone, I no longer feel tired and weak and could climb the stairs without effort. Since I used Quantumin, I never had any hospitalization or attack of HPP. Thank God, He used Quantumin as an instrument to heal me further. 

Hyperthyroidism and Paralysis Quantumin Plus Healing
Hyperthyroidism and Paralysis Quantumin Plus Healing

-Brando Escalana

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quantumin plus miraminq    quantumin plus miraminq

Hypertension and Heart Bypass

I have been hypertensive for so many years and then it got worse about a year ago. 

I could not sleep or eat well and then had difficulty of breathing  that  I could only sleep while sitting on the adjustable rattan chair for a short period of time. 

I became very weak and both my legs and testicles became so  swollen. I consulted doctors who prescribed anti-bacterial drugs and was confined in diffe-rent hospitals monthly because I was not getting well. 

There were even times that i have to use oxygen at home in order that I could breathe. I became weaker and weaker to the point that I already wrote my last will and testament and informed my brother to prepare for my burial. 

One time, a friend of ours sent the QUANTUMIN Plus team to our residence. They discussed QUANTUMIN Plus and for the next three months I took QUANTUMIN at 25 drops per glass of water at 8 glasses / day.

I was amazed! I  became stronger. I also went to the Philippine Heart Center where I was confined and examined. I underwent 2D ECHO with Doppler and afterwhich my doctor said  that I need a  heart bypass.  
I told him I do not have Php 750,000.00 for the operation. He told me that I will never get well and  my condition will eventually worsen. 

We asked a second opinion  from Dra. Maceda. She advised that if we cannot afford the operation yet or while waiting for additional financial help then I need to continue using QUANTUMIN Plus and other food supplements for the heart. 

I continued taking the 25 drops per glass that I am drinking. Now  I am getting stronger everyday, all the swelling and breathing difficulties are gone and now  I drive my car again. Thanks to QUANTUMIN Plus , I am still alive!  

Hypertension Quantumin Plus Healing  miraminq
Hypertension Quantumin Plus Healing 

- Adam Cabe

A Case of Hepatitis B

RQ Roldan was diagnosed with a condition known as ACUTE HEPATITIS B. Despite regular intake of his multi-vitamins, per his doctor's recommendation, RQ still felt very weak until a close friend told him to try Quantumin Plus.

He started taking 5 drops of Quantumin Plus mixed in a glass of water several times a day for 3 days. He immediately noticed a surge of energy and vitality. He then gradually increased his intake of Quantumin Plus drops from his initial 5 drops to 25 drops in every glass of water daily.

After only 14 days of taking Quantumin Plus, his Laboratory test results started to show significant improvements. RQ at present is full of energy and excited to share the benefits of Quantumin Plus to others.

- RQ Roldan

GERD and Hiatal Hernia Healed

Four years ago when I turned fifty,  my congenital stomach defect (hiatal hernia) went from bad to worst, to the extent that I could no longer take solid foods. 

After several medical examinations, from one specialist to another, doctors told me that I have GERD probably caused by my hiatal hernia.  But what was confusing was, that aside from the gastro-reflux I became allergic to almost everything I eat. 

I lost weight very fast, from 95lbs to 70lbs. I became very weak and could not perform my usual activities so I retired early from my job. 

I was  on antacids and anti-allergies continuously for more than two years but my condition even got worse. I developed other pains like aching bones, nagging sore throat, canker sores, dizziness , bloating of head and stomach which were so frustrating for an active person like me. So I decided to try alternative modalities after conventional medicine failed to help me. 

We went from one alternative practitioner to the next but  relief was temporary. Then I saw Dra. Maceda on TV interview and I went to her clinic. She gave me detox procedures and  introduced  Quantumin plus to me a year ago. Since then I gradually regained my health. I am no longer taking antacids nor any antihistamines for more than a year now. Thanks to Quantumin Plus! I’m back to work and is doing the usual activities I  used to do.

Hypertension Quantumin Plus Healing  miraminq
Hiatal Hernia Quantumin Plus Healing

-Rose Santos

Off from insulin after one month of Quantumin Plus use. Erectile dysfunction also healed.

I was diagnosed with diabetes in 1985. I was put on maintenance medications but my blood sugar persisted between 300-400mg/dl. 

I was feeling so weak and had the expected erectile dysfunction. Because my blood sugar was uncontrolled, I was put on insulin injection which became a bigger trauma on me. Inspite of insulin, my blood sugar remained unstable. 

My wife recommended Quantumin plus and I started the detox dose of three drops per glass ten times a day then gradually increased to ten drops per glass of water. Gradually my blood sugar normalized between 90 to 100 mg/dl and my maintenance drugs were stopped. 

After a month of Quantumin Plus use, my diabetologist recommended me to stop my insulin as well because my blood sugar remained consistently normal. Today as maintenance, I take 3 drops 3 times a day and am feeling perfectly well and free from erectile dysfunction!

-Danilo Ricafort

Brain Tumor Gone

I experienced repeated  headaches which became severe accompanied by nausea and vomiting, blurring of vision, protruding eyeballs, with diplopia (double vision), clumsiness and awkward gait. CT scan revealed presence of brain tumor. 

I  was admitted to Cotabato City Hospital and was recommended to proceed to Davao City to undergo surgical removal of the tumor. However because of financial difficulties, I was instead brought to my aunt in Awang Maguindanao where a Quantumin Plus seller introduced the product. 

I started taking the detox dose of three drops every glass of liquid I drink together with all the prescribed medicines from my physician. After a few days, the condition worsened with decreased sensorium (state of consciousness), disorientation (loss of one's sense of direction, position, or relationship with one's surroundings) , childlike behavior and seizures started to manifest. 

I was readmitted in the hospital but no improvement was appreciated and I was  told that I had only six months to live.

I was discharged against medical advice and my mother, after seeing how her friends and neighbors improved with Quantumin plus, decided to stop all prescribed medicines and I was given only Quantumin plus. 

For the next four months, I consumed 4 bottles of Quantumin plus and after consuming all of them I stopped it because I was getting better and better or so I thought. I returned to work as cashier in a mall. However, after a few months I started experiencing again blurring of vision, severe headaches with nausea and vomiting. 

I knew my tumor was growing so I left my job and decided to start taking Quantumin Plus again at the recommended dose for tumors  20 drops per glass of water at 10 glasses a day. Amazingly all the signs and symptoms gradually disappeared and my  vision returned back to normal. Since then I have not experienced any symptoms of brain tumor.

I thank Quantumin plus for all the help it has given me. I wanted so much to have a repeat CT scan to show the world what Quantumin Plus did to my tumor but  my salary now as nanny is not enough to support the repeat exam. I hope more and more people will know about this product especially those who are financially drained from repeated hospitalizations and without enough resources to have the much needed surgery like me. I really do not know if what I am doing is acceptable but this is the only option available to me. The more important thing for me right now is this....I am alive with a good quality of life inspite of my brain tumor. More power to Quantumin Plus and the company!   

- Christine Gonzales

My Ovarian Cyst Gone with Quantumin Plus

I started to have low back pains with tenderness at the left lower quadrant of the abdomen. The pain and discomfort worsened gradually so I had an abdomino-pelvic ultrasound done. It turned out I had an encapsulated cystic mass on the left cavity measuring 4.5 x 4.3 x3.9 cms. 

I was advise to try taking 20 drops of Quantumin plus per glass of water at 10-12 glasses per day. I was also instructed to refrain from drinking cola and artificial juice drinks. I was further told to stop eating meat products, canned goods, oily foods and sweet foods. 

I persisted on increasing vegetable intake, fruits and fish diet in addition to strict adherence to Quantumin Plus dosage. I was instructed to closely observe my response to the advice and have repeat ultrasound after one month. Just in case the pain intensifies, I was told to seek immediate consultation for a possible surgery.
I followed all the instructions and gradually my low back pain and abdominal tenderness diminished and by the end of the month all the symptoms I felt were totally gone. Because of heavy duty schedule in the hospital, I only had my repeat ultrasound last October and to the amazement of my sonologist, my ovarian cyst is no longer present! Thanks to Quantumin Plus for saving me from surgery and now I also feel that my health has improved a lot with the product and the diet change. 

- Gina Colcol-Dayrit

I cannot sleep for 4 years. I cannot even recognize people in my house. People taught I was getting crazy.

I cannot sleep. I can only sleep through the help of sleeping pills for years. 

Every morning, I would take handful of medications. The medicines are getting bigger and bigger and the number increasing. In other words, I felt that I can no longer swallow them all. 

I was not feeling well and I was very scared of getting sick again because first of all, I am both the mother and father of my family. I also don’t want to be hospitalized because no one will take care of me. We still need to pay for someone to take care of me and accompany me in the hospital.

I cannot sleep. That was my number one issue. At first, I tried to get valium injections from the hospital. I signed for a waiver. When valium didn’t work anymore, they sent me to a psychiatrist. It was so hard for me. We kept it as a secret because they might think that I am getting crazy but they are the only ones who can give me a prescription so that I can sleep again. 

It was like I am getting out of my mind. In fact, I experienced mental blocks. I cannot recognize people even those inside our house. It started in 2002, when I kept going back and forth from the hospital. I was very sick. They gave me oxygen support and all. My second illness was multiple gallbladder stones.

My belief that Quatumin Plus will help me happened. I did not undergo an operation for my gallstones. I don’t know how my gallstones were removed but I just finished my laboratory examinations last Friday and everything was back to normal. My blood sugar level is like a blood sugar level of a child. Everything was cleared like my gall stones and even my kidney problem (because I already urinated blood). It became normal.  I am very thankful. My hemorrhoids are healed. I did not undergo an operation because it was already very large. I was having difficulty pooping. Now everything is okay.

- Elsa Lactao

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quantumin plus miraminq    quantumin plus miraminq

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