Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Quantumin Plus Asthma Healing

Asthma Healing - Quantumin Plus
Asthma Healing - Quantumin Plus

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“It all normally starts with a cold followed with a cough and the next thing that would happen is an (asthma) attack. They would bring me to the hospital. I was given Ventolin (a bronchodilator medication). I also had Salbutamol spray. My maintenance drug is Rotacaps. I used it as an inhaler. I would feel relieved but then it would make me sleep.”

Because of too much stress at work, Amor did not notice that her condition has already worsened.

“I worked as a life insurance agent. I always talk to people to get more sales. I would often be outside that’s why I inhale everything – smoke, like cigarette smoke. It could probably where I got my asthma.”

There were times that Amor cannot sleep and she had hard time breathing. That’s the time when she thought of calling her friend who introduced her to Quantumin Plus.

“I talked to my friend who is a Doctor and she invited me to her talk. When I was there, I saw that it was about Quantumin Plus. I learned that it was very effective and that’s why I got some bottles.”

Amor started using the drops everyday and she noticed that her breathing became easier. She felt relieved. She was able to prove that Quantumin Plus is very effective.

“At first, I got scared because I did not know how to use it but they told me that there is no overdose. Sometimes, I even drink the drops directly. After a week, I felt that I am getting better and better and I feel that I am always energetic because of Quantumin Plus.” 

Asthma Healing - Quantumin Plus
Asthma Healing - Quantumin Plus

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