Monday, July 10, 2017

Bullous Skin Disease: Quantumin Plus

Bullous Skin Disease: Quantumin Plus MiraminQ
Bullous Skin Disease: Quantumin Plus MiraminQ

"Six months ago, Analyn was started to suffer the Bullous Skin Disease. It is a reaction to something in her system. It has remained bad, but tolerable, until the first of November. Her skin disease overcame her entire body leaving her with open wounds and raw flesh from head to foot. 

A friend of ours heard about her and told us so we went to the hospital to see if she would like to try QuantuminPlus to help her. The doctors had told her that it would take at least a month for her to be well enough to leave so she was pleased to try anything and gave us permission to share her story.
 She began using QuantuminPlus on Nov 3 with a spray bottle and also put Quantumin drops per glass of water intake.

FIFTEEN DAYS LATER, she was discharged from the hospital well and treated."

**Testimonial from FB’s Public Post and Pictures. English Translation by Quantumin Plus Online.

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