Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Phlegm with Blood Healing: Quantumin Plus Healing

Our regular customer, Charlyn started only buying one bottle. She suffered from phlegm discharge with blood. She liked the effect on the 1st week so she continue to buy a bottle every couple of weeks. She did not get a membership, she was only consuming one bottle at a time.

Just recently, we had a chat in Facebook and she told me the effects Quantumin Plus has given to her health.

Phlegm with Blood Healing: Quantumin Plus_MinraminQ
Phlegm with Blood Healing: Quantumin Plus_MinraminQ

This is what she said: 

“For me, Quantumin Plus helped a lot. I used to have phlegm discharge with blood even though I don’t have any cough. Now, there is a big improvement. I still have phlegm but not like before where my nose and ears are clogged with phlegm.” - – Charlyn L. A. regular Quantumin Plus Online customer

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