Thursday, April 19, 2018

How to Log in Using Your Quantumin Plus Account

Now that you have purchased your Quantumin Plus membership kit, you should have your ID which you will use to access your online account.

This instruction will teach you how to log in to your back-office account.

How to Log in to

1. Go to

2. Get your Quantumin Plus ID from your membership kit

 Quantumin Plus_MiraminQ
Quantumin Plus_MiraminQ

3. Scratch off the covered portion of the card to get the serial and the code.

4. Enter your Serial as the Username in Log in page

5. Enter your Code as your Password in

MiraminQ_Quantumin Plus
MiraminQ_Quantumin Plus
Now that you have logged in to your Quantumin Plus online account, the next step is to change your password to secure your account. 

Next topic: Changing of Username and Password in Quantumin Plus Online Account

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