Monday, March 30, 2020

Pneumonia (bilateral) and Severe Osteoporosis Testimonial - English Text

I am Mrs. Virgina M. Lareta. I live in Guiwan, Zamboanga City.

What I am preoccupied with right now is Quantumin which has healed me with my illnesses. I had severe back pain, cough and I had a hard time breathing. My family brought me to a doctor. I had an x-ray and they saw that I have severe osteoporosis, bilateral pneumonia and enlargement of heart.

They gave me medicines but I was not healed and other medicines that were prescribed made me swollen. I had allergies. I cannot go to the office so Ms. Margie visited me. She introduced Quantumin to me. I was given a sponge bath and she applied Quantumin Plus to me. I got healed due to Quantumin Plus.

She advised me to apply Quantumin to my back so that the swollen part or the inflamed part will be healed. I already looked like a hunchback because my back grew because of my illness. We did what she said and every night we apply Quantumin until the inflammation was gone. Quantumin Plus healed me.
My difficulty to breathe, my cough and my swollen back were healed and Quantumin Plus really healed me.

Another good thing that happened to me was for my eyes. I was scheduled to have an operation for my eye  because I can hardly see. The doctor said that I had a cataract. Ms. Margie told me to try Quantumin. She told me I have nothing to lose. She said if you don’t like to use Quantumin, you can have your eye operated. So Itried it and after only 4 days, I was healed. I can already see clearly and I can read even without my eye glasses. Quantumin healed me and my cataract was gone.

I went back to the eye specialist and I was told that she would not operate my eyes anymore because there is nothing to operate anymore.

It was Quantumin that healed me. I also want to thank Dra. Delia Maceda. Thank you because I got healed because of Quantumin. I ask everyone who are sick like us to try this. You have nothing to lose. Instead you will be thankful because you will really be healed.

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