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    In 2000, I was diagnosed to have HPP known as Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis. It is a rare condition where potassium levels in my blood drop to very low levels that manifest as paralysis from the neck down. Although I could speak, I couldn’t move all the other parts of my body. During those times, I was confined in the hospital 2 or 3 times a year. Later on, I was also diagnosed to have hyperthyroidism which was actually the cause why the potassium levels in my blood drop every so often. I was told that such kind of disease would require that I undergo either surgery or radiation therapy. However, my wife and I decided not to undergo either as we trusted that God would heal me. True enough He did, I was healed, miraculously. But I was also told that I still have to take some medicine to avoid its recurrence. It would take a lifetime of medication, I was told.
    Our problem was that since I was out of job at that time, we could not sustain the expen-ses of a lifetime medication.  That was when Quantumin came into the picture. One time, I was researching about possible alternative medications for my medication and discovered Quantum Minerals Plus. I researched further about its components like fulvic substance, humic acid and essential minerals like potassium and calcium, and found out the benefits of such components. To make the story short, I started using Quantumin and felt its benefits in my body immediately. I used to get  easily tired especially when I climb the stairs, I used to have tremors in my body, and generally felt weak but Quantumin changed  all that. After using Quantumin, the tremors are gone, I no longer feel tired and weak and could climb the stairs without effort. Since I used Quantumin, I never had any hospitalization or attack of HPP. Thank God, He used Quantumin as an instrument to heal me further. I thank God for Dra. Patawaran who was instrumental in bringing this modern-day medicine miracle that is Quantumin Plus to us.

Hypokalemic  Paralysis Testimonial Quantumin Plus MiraminQ
Hypokalemic  Paralysis Testimonial Quantumin Plus MiraminQ


    HPP is a rare inherited muscle disorder that causes episodes of paralysis or weakness in which the patient may become totally unable to move and even appear unconscious.. Brando truly has a family history as his dad and his brother suffered likewise. Research has shown that all of periodic paralyses are caused by abnormalities in the ion channels (especially the sodium and calcium channels) of the muscle membrane channels which control the movement of sodium, chloride, potassium and calcium across the cell membrane and from one cell compartment to another to effect muscle movement. This defect makes the person with HPP extremely sensitive that he may get weak with even a slight fall in potassium level or may become profoundly paralyzed even when potassium is within normal limits.
    In the light of the latter situation, research is in order to document if some chemicals or toxic metals mostly from food actually block the channels or prevent normal movement of ions to cause this paralysis. In most patients we have encountered with HPP, frequent intake of softdrinks and MSG-laden snack foods seemed to have precipitated the HPP attack. Quantumin Plus is a detoxifier but with minimal potassium content. Most likely the detox process that Brando went through with this product saved him from repeated HPP.     

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