Monday, June 6, 2011

Quantumin Plus: Treatment of Parkinson's Disease


For the last 3 years, I gradually developed Parkinson’s Disease. It started as tremors of the hands which gradually became more intense. Later my lower extremities were affected and I could no longer walk normally because my muscles were very stiff and I walked like a robot. These gradually worsened until I could not stand up on my own from sitting position. I could not walk alone and make steps. Someone has to almost lift me before I can move my feet. My tremors became worse that I reached the point where I could not eat by myself so somebody has to feed me. I became a burden to my family because they cannot leave me alone and I could not take care of  myself.

    The medicines I took did not help me at all because all my signs and symptoms worsened. When Dr. Delia Maceda-Patawaran and the Quantumin group came for a medical mission, my son carried me to the site. They made me drink several drops of Quantumin Plus in water and they started applying it throughout my whole body. In a few minutes, some whitish, sticky  discharges came out of my whole body. It smelled very much like the white chemical I was spraying in the banana plantation where I used to work. Dr. Patawaran told me to continue applying and taking Quantumin Plus as this may help pull out whatever chemical is in my brain that caused my Parkinson’s in the same way it pulled out the chemical from my skin. I promised her I will.

    However, after about thirty minutes, I felt so much energy that I had this urge to stand. I tried to stand by myself and I did it! I made my first step... my second step ... my third step. Someone from the crowd shouted that I was walking already and all the people in that big gym stopped from what they’re doing and watched me in awe! I was so excited with the steps that I tried walking... faster and ...faster and ... faster... until I was already running while crying from so much joy! I went around the gym running while everyone was clapping and shouting with joy! I went back to where the doctor was and thanked her for giving me another chance to walk normally. Since then my tremors have decreased significantly. I can now stand up from sitting position all by myself. I can now walk all by myself and feed myself. I started to take care of animal farms again. Thanks to Quantumin Plus and Dr. Patawaran for this new life I am enjoying now.


     Parkinson's Disease is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that often impairs the sufferer's motor skills, speech, and other functions. It is characterized by muscle rigidity, tremors, a slowing of physical movement and, in extreme cases, a loss of physical movement These results from decreased stimulation of the motor cortex (part of the brain responsible for movement) due to insufficient formation and/or action of dopamine, a hormone which is produced in the basal ganglia of the brain.

    When your doctor tells you that you have a progressive and degenerative disease that robs you of the ability to control your own body movement  and that the disease has no cure... this robs you of your future and hope! Today, around the world, 4.5 million patients are suffering and waiting for a treatment for Parkinson’s disease.

    Hope is offered in the form of medication such as Levodopa. Levodopa acts to restore levels of dopamine in the brain. The lack of dopamine is the primary reason for the symptoms associated with the condition. Since it first began being administered in the 1960's, it has lessened much of the suffering experienced by millions of people throughout the world, and is recognized as the "gold standard" in medical treatment of the disease. However, it can not completely reverse the symptoms, and like all drugs, is more effective in some than in others.              

    What prevents the formation or action of dopamine in the brain is up to this time a puzzle in medicine. However with the amazing change in the energy and activity of Mr. Aico, this may open the door to a new treatment that might reverse Parkinson’s or further give hope to patients who’s condition may improve with time. Logically, Mr. Aico could have developed this disease from the chemical he used to spray in the banana plantation. His job exposure must have given a chance for the chemicals to enter into his skin pores and respiratory system and into his brain. A lot of other chemicals have to this date been theorized as a possible contributor to Parkinson’s like lead, mono sodium glutamate, aspartame, mercury, etc. We have met so many patients with Parkinson’s or symptoms similar to Parkinson’s in the provinces where most of our farmers reside. Their exposure to pesticides and fertilizers and other chemicals should now be a point for research if these chemicals can actually collect in the brain and prevent normal brain function from occurring.

    Maybe what Quantumin Plus did to these patients, who initially had difficulty walking or some of them are already bedridden for a number of years, who walked normally again after fifteen to thirty minutes of intake and application could be attributed to the powerful detox process that Quantumin Plus product can do even in the difficult-to-reach areas like the brain.

    We in the medical division do not think that Quantumin Plus alone can reverse Parkinson’s but it is a good start of detoxification based on the several cases we’ve encountered. Whatever toxins caused the patient’s Parkinson’s, surely some damage has been done on the nerves and brain tissues after so many years so detox alone will not do the job. It becomes imperative that after the detox, the right nutrients should be introduced into the body to rebuild and repair the damage. The right food and the right supplements will most likely pave the way to improvement and possible cure. We intend to partner in the future with researchers who are also inclined to keep on looking for solutions and give hope to patients with Parkinson’s disease or other neuro-degenerative diseases.
    We, in the company, believe that hope is such a powerful thing for without it there will be no reason to live and recovery is impossible even with minor afflictions. Let us give hope to those who have once been told that they’re not going to recover because their medical condition is “incurable.”

61 years old,
Banana Plantation Labourer
Manay Panabo, Davao del Norte, Philippines
Contact Number: (082)-2912788/(082)-3047095 (DAVAO CENTER)


  1. I would like to know why all yur testimonials are from the Filippines? You ship worldwide but no testimonials outside your country?

  2. The product is made in the Philippines so testimonial videos are made here. We have testimonials from other countries too in various channels like Facebook, etc. Aside from that, there are regulations from other countries that we have to abide to. We cant just release testimonials from other countries.

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