Wednesday, March 14, 2018

From Paralysis to Vigor - Hypokalemic Paralysis Testimonial



Under normal conditions (left) the concentration of potassium ions (K+) is moderately high within the cytoplasm (CP) of the cell compared to the extracellular fluid (ECF).

In hypokalemia, the K+ concentration in the ECF is reduced creating a larger concentration gradient across the plasma membra
ne. (

This is a Sample Illustration of Hypokalemia
Suffered From The Same Man…

His name is Brando.
He was problematic, sick and was out of job…


…because even though he was paralyzed from neck down, he could not speak, he could not move all the other parts of his body..

...he was hospitalized 2 to 3 times per year but doctors "could not find a cure".

And later on he was also diagnosed with hyperthyroidism”.

He was even told to undergo surgery or radiation therapy.

But when he researched for alternative medications and saw that one supplement contain essential minerals such as potassium and calcium..

...and he decided to try it..

His energy went from looking like this

quantumin plus_miraminq
quantumin plus_miraminq a few days

In short, he did not had a surgery as advised..

 ..even though he was told to take a lifetime of medication to avoid its recurrence..

Now, he says…

quantumin plus_miraminq

"I feel the benefits in my body immediately. I used to get tired easily. Now, I no longer feel tired and weak and I could climb the stairs without much effort. I never had any hospitalization anymore."

And he did not feel any tremors or attack anymore…
Now, he’s just one of many people we’ve been able to help, by addressing the true cause
of paralysis, low potassium levels, illness, disease and tremors.

Like Brando, once you start using Quantumin Plus, you will probably
notice a change in your body on the first day. 

Most people do. 

You’ll observe you become more focused

Like you have a clearer mind to focus on things that are important to you. 

Now that your body is not stressed to feel pain and aches because it just to do what it needs to do, you’ll feel extra vigor

But it will not be a manic, hyper kind of energy

No, it’ll be a tranquil, relaxed, energy

Like you have much more strength to go through your day. 

After lunch, you’ll notice, you don’t have that tired and sluggish demeanor. 

By dinner time, you’ll notice you didn’t need to lie down while watching your favorite TV show. 

And when it’s time to sleep you’re going to have the deepest sleep you’ve had in a long long time. 

The next day, you’ll wake up feeling sharper than before. Like your body got rest for the first time in years. 

For some, it might take a day or two longer. 

And if it’s a severe condition, it might take a week. 

But one day, it WILL happen

I call it the "Miracle Moment." 

It’s where you feel like things have truly changed for the better. 

Where you realize the usual pain and discomfort you used to experience has not come

That it wasn’t a fluke or a temporary high you had. 

Where you know, your struggle for deep and optimal health is finally over. 

Where you know you can support and give attention to the people that mean the most in your life -- your children, your grandchildren, you spouse, your friends... 

...until this moment, a part of you was being held hostage by pain and fear. But when the “Miracle Moment” comes, the fear will be over. 

This is what I want for you. I want you to get your “Miracle Moment” as soon as possible. 

So go ahead, check out Quantumin Plus and begin your transformation as soon as possible. 

quantumin plus_miraminq

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